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Know exactly what you need? Our extensive online inventory is right at your fingertips. We’ll make sure you get your fasteners quickly and at an unbeatable value.

Not sure what you want? That’s where we really excel. Our technical experts understand the needs of everyone from major manufacturers to inventors and hobbyists. With our guidance, you’ll never have to search on your own or settle for an inferior replacement part.

We’re more than your fastener supplier. We’re also your project consultants who know fasteners inside and out—and can deliver quickly and seamlessly.

About Olander VMI

Olander’s VMI program offers you:


Product Application Expertise

Sure, we know fasteners. But more importantly, we understand how they can add value in virtually any product application. Our sales staff has decades of combined experience in supporting customers with their product applications and fastener needs. Let’s work together to find all the possibilities for your next product.

Hands-On Assistance

Do you work near one of Olander’s three locations? Stop by during business hours to get hands-on assistance from our experienced team members. Our Counter Sales/Will Call department is ready to help you solve your biggest fastener application challenges!

Customized Kitting

You know the exact combination of fasteners that will keep your production line moving. With Olander, there’s no need to keep searching for items one by one. We offer customized kitting for any combination of related products. Just let us know what you’re looking for. Contact us to learn more.

Special Orders

Even our huge inventory doesn’t have every possible fastener—but we’ll still find a way to meet your needs. Ask us to place a special order for anything you don’t find in our inventory. We can also order specialized modifications such as plating, patch lock, or cleaning. (Special orders may require a purchase minimum.)